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About Me

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ZOiD is: Daniel Jacobson

ZOiD is Daniel Jacobson, an award-winning composer of electronic and acoustic music. He has been writing music for 25 years, starting at the age of 12. He wrote his first compositions soon after starting to learn the guitar.

A few years later he was one of the first students in Ireland to submit an "electro-acoustic" composition as part of his Leaving Cert music exam.

Since then he has continued working on music in a wide range of styles, from String Quartets to techno - sometimes both together in the same track!


He has released music on well-respected electronic music labels such as Metamorphic Recordings and Front End Synthetics, and his own label Zoitrax. His music has been licensed for use in HBO show "Pause with Sam Jay 202".

1995 Dublin Schools Competition: 1st Place in Music for composition "Tolerance" (Prize: A trip to New York to attend the General Assembly at the UN)


1998: Best New Producer Award (Event Guide Magazine)


2002: Arts Council Bursary for composing "The Ten Paramis"


2006: Red Bull Music Academy participant (Melbourne, Australia)


2020: MISP Songwriting Camp Award for Internal Space Element


2022: Arts Council Bursary for composing new electronic dance music



2024: ZOiD Vs Musicians Vol 2, Zoitrax

2023: Internal Space Element, Voices, String Quartet and Electronics, Zoitrax

ZOiD Vs Musicians Vol 2 Zoitrax

Out Now:


Dexaphonic EP (Vinyl, Digital) - Metamorphic Records

ZONGS (album, CD, Digital) - Zoitrax
Vera EP (Digital) Frontend Synthetics


Nebulous Concrete (album, USB, Digital) Zoitrax


Lyphyz Drumdrops EP (Digital)- Boy Scout Audio
Troonax EP (Digital) - Alkalinear Recordings


Zoid Versus Jazz Musicians of Ireland (album, CD, Digital) - Diatribe/D1

Press Quotes:

“a free-spirited, jazz-tinged electronic wizard” Philip Neeson, Hypnagogue

“either the future of jazz or the end of jazz as we know it” Cormac Larkin, Sunday Tribune

“wonderful future-bop realms” Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“a masterful balance of electronics with musicians” Electronica Musica Blog

“an exception to the norm… he produces beautiful tracks” James Hendicott

Dexaphonic EP Reviews:

“From the outset this promised to be something special and unsurprisingly it does not disappoint at all. If you like your electronic music full of soul, warmth, and depth with a truly forward feel then this is for you.” Neil Martin, Timeline Music

"ZOiD has carved a slice of Irish dance music history for himself as joins Metamorphic Recordings, his record lies aside dance music royalty" Max Heyraud, Four Four Magazine

Bandcamp Best Electronic of June (Joe Muggs)

“Detroit-style techno has always fused easily with jazz, but it’s been a little while since it did so as joyously as these tracks from Dubliner ZOID”

Cacophonous Bling:

“Metamorphic releases have always been a byword for deep, emotive house/techno and this latest release from Dublin’s Zoid feeds into the pervasive narrative with two tunes that operate on a level previously only known to those with  a predilection for the finer things in life; such as fine wines, Belgian chocolates and chicken in a basket.”

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